Supply of Documents
We provide those academics, investigative writers, M.A. and PhD. Students who make research on the Ottoman history or other fields of history with documents from the Ottoman archive related to their subject matters.

We do the translation of the mentioned documents into different languages particularly into English and Arabic if one asks.

Consultation for Thesis or Articles
Through our experts we give consultation services for those, especially M.A. and PhD. Students, that are after their academic researches about the subject matters. It is naturally and unfortunately hard to reach any kind of documents from abroad. Through contacting us you will have the chance to have access to the potential bulk of documents on your subject matters held in the Ottoman Archive. And furthermore, if you wish we do translate those documents into Arabic and English.

Who we are?

This site is organized for the purpose of serving for those who, living in abroad, are trying to get data from Turkish research centers. The group of researchers employed and presented for your service comprises those who are still continuing their academic careers in various fields, particularly in history..